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Have you pay attention for environmental tax?

Recently environmental problem became the heated topic all over the world, especially in china, to be discussed everyone.  Why? 

Till last time the company who can't meet environmental rules been closed for rectification, now new environmental  rule coming again---environmental tax!  Start from…

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The need for wall guard protection and safety handrail

Without proper wall guard protection systems and handrails installed, a building is susceptible to:
1. unsightly damage due to bumps and scuffs from wheeled traffic, sharp objects or furniture;
2. rapid deterioration of wall surfaces, beyond normal wear and tear of the building;
3. costly repair…

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ANSI vs ADA Restroom Grab Bar Requirements

When working on multi- family architecture or any commercial project, it’s important to be aware of the differing code requirements for grab bars in restrooms.  ADA requirements are always a minimum for accessible spaces, but depending on your jurisdiction, you may need to apply the more stringe…

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