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Simple, Stable & Economic Wireless Calling System


Hospital Nurse Station and Patient Room

FROCARE Nurse call system is used in medical area (clinic, health centers, hospital, ...), to simplify communication among doctors, nurse and patients. It is a simple, stable and economic wireless call system, a reliable partner to help you handle hundreds of events everyday in your hospital. It provides an simple way to call for assistance, with just a push of a button, text message can be efficiently sent to personal or special pagers, ensure the patients feel secure and comfortable all the time, the patients and family could rest definited that every concern could reached in a timely manner. Moreover, with the international hospital priority calling-set and flexible expansibility, nurses can work more effective, which could save the hospital running cost, and the most important, when there is an emergency situation, the doctors could realize immediately and be on position.


  • Easily installed, coving more than 1km square meters according to its wireless connection.
  • The staffs could receive the notifications when they're inside the covrering range.
  • Simply use, waterproof, conveniently to disinfect, low maintenance cost, (AAA battery or adapter charging)
  • special call button is available, such as button with pendant, pull cord toilet button ...



Pandemic Prevention and Protection

clinic_pager_systemClinic & Doctor office

Patient call system has been used in clinics and practices for years, and much more serious than ever before in the current risk situation caused by COVID-19. Avoid to the cross infection, because of the long distance system service covering, some of the users lead the patients wait outside building (like parking lots), and can be called in for treatment when their turns. Messages function allows user to send specific instructions. The system is quite easy to operate, the pager is wipeable and rugged, specially for distributing to the external visitors. The system can be used immediately without complicated installation, and it can be extended if necessary.

Usage Cases

  • The reception pressed the sender button to call the waiting person. The pager will notify the visitor via buzzing, vibrating and flashing.
  • Doctor can use the PC software or numertic keyboard to text the nurses for assist, like "please come in room XX", or send the messages to patients who might wait or walk nearby, like "examination in room XX"
  • The nurse also can inform the doctor via sender or pager.


Caregiver for the Elderly


Nursing Home

Wireless calling systems can facilitate coordination among staffs and give residents the opportunity to contact staffs directly. Personal pagers can be used to call or notify individuals or groups of employees.  Emitter buttons can be easily installed anywhere. Special call buttons such as pull cord switches, handle buttons and wrist call buttons make it easier for residents to call staff, which even the elderly fell down in the toilet, they could reach the staffs, and the staffs will appear immediately.



acute_careACUTE CARE

Wireless Call system is designed to help our customers improve efficiency, cut costs and maximize patient satisfaction.



We design advanced Wireless Call solutions that help long-term facilities improve their processes and quality of resident care.


factory-profileJetlongs team is dedicated to wireless call system industry, from the simple calling button extend to multi items interconnected.