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Wall Covering System --- Unlimited Visual

When used properly, imagery can have a positive impact on learning, healing, productivity and overall outlook. It's hard for many facilities to maintain high-quality artwork reaching those effect, whether framed or full wall.

With Frocare wall covering system, you could reproduce any image, message or color without the concern of damage. Photographs, patterns and more could be safely embedded behind our durable PVC-free sheet, creating amazing interiors decoration.

Wall Bumper System

Effectively absorb the shock of impact to a wall if it is struck by an external object. The Bumper distribute impact load across wide distances, which minimises harm to wall fixings and impact to objects.

Corner Guard System

Providing high impact protection to 90° or 135° corners on wall surfaces. This system is available in any custom length you require for your application.


Handrail System

Enhancing pubulic safety in areas where slippery or steep footing exist, or on flat surfaces where those with vision impairment or disability may require extra guidance.