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Nylon Grab Bar

Bathroom Guardian

Gain confidence even in the slippery condition after you choose from our wide selection of bathroom nylon grab bar and Sophisticated design matches any decoration. 

Provide a strong warm impression compare with the stainless steel material.

Consist of a durable and lightweight aluminum core, which is coated with the nylon color you selected.

Because of its features (antibacterial, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-static, prevent slippery), Nylon Grab Bar is widely used in different project areas, such as in hospital, hotel, nursing home, public barrier-free construction, university, airport, etc., mainly used in the bathroom for elderly and disabled, wall and floor mounted for showering, toilet handle, urinal handle and bathtub handle, and now, as the aging of population, some of the countries requires each family have to be installed this kind of product.

Corridor Grab Bar System

System allows users to assemble various components for their needs. Easy installation & anti-bacterial feature help to create an accessible and hygienic environment.