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service-system-pagerHotel & Restaurant 

For the hotel running, as its service area is normally vast, such as the smoking area, swimming pool, outdoor drinking bar, etc., we provide the service call system, to make the staffs much earier comunicated with each other, it connects not only the service insides, like kitchen, waiter, the reception, and also the outside part in the hotel. Moreover, the message software in PC makes much more possibilities for hotel. For the traditional and classic restaurants, we also suggest the service call system, together with the emitter especially suitable for kitchen, the service button can surely make your guest a better experience.

Usage Cases

  • Reception gives the visitors pagers which can receive the preset signal --- buzz, flash, and vibration. When the signal sent, the visitors would come to the reception.
  • Guest sends the service calling to waiter's watch pager, "please come to table 30"
  • Kitchen calls the waiter when the order is ready, "table 30 ready order"
  • Reception sends message from PC software or information preset emitter, to the coster pager and outdoor LED display, "NO.10 your turn, please"
  • Clients press the service button in VIP room 1, sending the info "VIP room 1, please come" to waiter's pager or LED in the hall
  • If we meet urgent situation sometimes, we could press the emergency button to inform the security immediately.



Economic Package


Snack Bar, Cafe and Fast Food Restaurant

According to our optimized sender, pager, information board, and message system, we are going to provide the best solution for the fast consummers. Because of the ultra distance coverage function --- 1km square meters open wild, our customers can also use the system in outdoor area. Guests order from the reception and take the coaster pager, sit or walk around with the pager nearby; when the order is ready, the shop send the signal to the pagers according to the key transmitter; the waiting customers go and get their service when the pager flashing, vibrating or ringing.



Manufacture and Logistics Park Usage

production-site 4-key-call-button-factory-usage


Nowadays, lots of the facotries are extremly busy, the environment are noisy and intense, we must make sure the information can reach the right position. According to our system, the factory could solve the problems faster, arrange the workers more efficient, and keep the production running smoothly and safely. Frocare wireless call system provide the simple operated system of the products, the user can browse at the calling records, message delivery status, and response time, etc., according to which, you could directly use or developed the own solution for you.

Usage Cases

  • In the production lines, the operating staffs can press the button "supply","repair","guide","cancel", asking the material supply, machine repair, operation guide, or cancel the calling
  • Some factories machines can tragger the calling to operation system in PC, informing the working status to technican team.
  • The vibrating, flashing or buzzing pagers carriers can much easier to be notified, because of these strong signals.
  • The control center can text the instructions directly to each production leaders who is on site via message system in PC.
  • LED Display is remarkable, can show which positions are still calling until the right person on site.


Logistics Park

Another extremely busy area in our daily life, it's the Logistics park, the trucks and transfer cars are jams inside all the time. Using our trucks management system, we can control the traffic of the whole logistics park. We can use the PC software to communicate with the trucks since they are entering the park, like allotting the position or parking area, calling the driver to center office, internal coordination, giving out the traffic signal, etc. Besides, the calling and response records could be checked by the controller, to improve the working efficiency.




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