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Simple, Stable & Economic Wireless Calling System

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Wireless Patient Call Button


Button Feature

  • Two-key application, with cancel key, each key can be defined and stored with the same or different pagers, withou effecting each other.
  • 5-12 volt or adapter customized.
  • Infomation format protocols is available for extension applications programming.
  • AAA*2pcs batteries or adapter customized.
  • More than 50 thouand times press.


Pager for Doctor and Nurse


Pager Feature

  • 4-8 lines display.
  • Multi language support: English, Chinese, German,Etc.
  • Frequency connection
  • Flex and Pocsag supported.
  • Alert: Sound, Viberate, Led, With bright backlight.
  • Inner Li battery, free adapter
  • PC, Hand, OTA setting available


Wireless Door Lamp


​Door Lamp Feature

  • PC programmable.  USB id programmer.
  • PLL 430-470M, POCSAG
  • 5VDC input. Backup battery available
  • 3 colors and color combine, flash or constant.
  • 3 steps sound alerts.
  • 8 modes available.


Wireless LED Display


LED Display Feature

  • 2-4 lines display.
  • Multi language support: English, Chinese, German, Etc.
  • Frequency connection
  • Alert: MP3 copy or message read
  • Red 1 color or  red blue 2 color type
  • 64*32 OR 128*32, 2 display type



  • FAQ-HSP-WNC-SWhat's the minimum quantity of an order?
    • ​Standard Models could be supplied from inventory.
  • Can we produce the OME products?
    • ​OEM brand service is available.
  • What's the product warranty period?
    • Range from ​1-3 years of different items. 
  • What's the main advantages of our goods?
    • ​Certifications of CE, FCC, RoHS, etc.
    • All of our items could be programmed by your programmer and embedded into your own system.
    • Technical assistance and installation instruction are available.
  • What's the coverage of the system? 
    • ​Maximum distance is 1km in the open wild among items.
    • More than 1km is chievable according to the transmitter.​​


FroCare Team

factory-profileFroCare team is dedicated to wireless call system industry, from the simple calling button extend to multi items interconnected.