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4-Key Call Button


Button Feature

  • 4-key application, with cancel key, each key can be defined and stored with the same or different pagers, withou effecting each other.
  • 5-12 volt or adapter customized.
  • Infomation format protocols is available for extension applications programming.
  • AAA*2pcs batteries or adapter customized.
  • More than 50 thouand times press.


Touch Keyboard


Touch Keyboard Feature

  • Easy install
  • Frequency connect
  • Power Output 20DB max
  • Module deviation: +/-4.5K FSK
  • Power input: 5VDC 



Coaster Pager

LCD-COASTER-PAGERCoaster Pager Feature

  • Pagers with viberation, buzz and flash alert.
  • Easy charging.
  • LED display Number and simple information, such as "xxx"call, Low battery, "XXX" room, ETC.
  • Number and basic functions preset by OTA command.
  • Display alpha message on LCD.


Transmitter G


Transmitter G Feature

  • Free paging software  (Lan support)
  • Power Output: 2W max
  • Data  type: 232
  • Open protocal for second development.
  • Mainly using on cover much wide erea.  



  • FAQ-MLP-AC&TM-SWhat's the minimum quantity of an order?
    • ​Standard Models could be supplied from inventory.
  • Can we produce the OME products?
    • ​OEM brand service is available.
  • What's the product warranty period?
    • Range from ​1-3 years of different items. 
  • What's the main advantages of our goods?
    • ​Certifications of CE, FCC, RoHS, etc.
    • All of our items could be programmed by your programmer and embedded into your own system.
    • Technical assistance and installation instruction are available.
  • What's the coverage of the system? 
    • ​Maximum distance is 1km in the open wild among items.
    • More than 1km is chievable according to the transmitter.​​


FroCare Team

factory-profileFroCare team is dedicated to wireless call system industry, from the simple calling button extend to multi items interconnected.